Guide to visiting Wookey Hole by The Old Malt House Hotel near Bath.

Wookey Hole Caves and Attractions are 14 miles (an easy half hour drive) from the Old Malt House Hotel near Bath

Wookey Hole

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Wookey Hole

The Caves and Attractions

old malt house hotel in Bath wookey hole cave

Discover the magic of Wookey Hole Caves. This great attraction is less than 14 miles from our hotel (25 minutes by car).

Open 7 days a week 10 am until 4pm.

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Tickets ( Adults £15 Children 3-14 yrs £10-00 and under 3yrs free - family tickets £45-00 for 2 Adults and 2 children), allows access to all the attractions. Book online at for discounted prices(15% off).


wookey chamber

The cave

The cave at Wookey will not fail to impress. Its history of Ice Age animal inhabitants and skeletal human remains are borught to life by a guided tour aided by light projections and illumination which spectaculalry enhances the formations in the chambers.



Fairy Garden

The cave exit leads at the top of the valley to the fairy garden at the beginning of dinosaur valley. This is a charming walk by waterfalls of the river Axe and fairy statues are a delight on a sunny day.



fairy garden
wookey dinosaurs

Dinosaur Valley

Valley of the dinosaurs, featuring over 20 life-size dinosaurs ranging from the terrible child eating Tyrannosaurus Rex to the vegetarian Stegasaurus.



Sian and Katy were able to make a friend quite quickly.




wookey paper


On entering the Victorian papermill there is the opportunity to pause for a few minutes to watch a fascinating film about the history of paper: "Wookey Hole - The Great Paper Trail". Then see or make paper yourself.


Circus Show

An added bonus was the clown show featuring Charly the clown and a very friendly witch. Sian and Katy both performed too!

wookey show

Then it was time to have our family photo taken before we came home.

family photo

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