Guide to visiting Cheddar by The Old Malt House Hotel near Bath.

Cheddar Village Gorge and Attractions are 15 miles (a half hour drive) from the Old Malt House Hotel near Bath


Cheddar Village, the Gorge, Caves and other attractions offer a wide range of

old malt house hotel in Bath cheddar nea Old Malt House hotel Bath

The Caves and Gorge attractions which are owned by the Longleat estate are the main, but not the only event in Cheddar. We went at the beginning of April and were suprised that there was a good "dayful" of things to do. Our 4 and 7 year old daughters had a great time, although we have to admit the weather was very kind.

An Explorer Ticket ( Adults £15 Children 5-15 yrs £9-50 and under 5yrs free - family tickets £39-50 for 2 Adults and 3 children), allows access to the main cave (Gough's Cave), Cox's Cave with the Crystal Quest, Jacob's Ladder with Pavey's Lookout Tower and Clifftop walk, the Open Top bus Tour (March through October) and the Museum of PreHistory, (Cheddar Man and the Cannibals).

Goughs Cave Cheddar nea Old Malt House HOtel Bath

Gough's Cave

We started at Gough's Cave which is at the top end of the main street. The cave begins with comparatively mundain caveway with level concretre path. We looked for the drawing of the Mammoth but saw only 3 cracks in the rock. However then steps climb to a much more rewarding part of the cave with fantastic stalagmite and stalactite formations. The beautiful St. Pauls and King Solomon's Temple caverns round off the spectacle.


Cox's Cave

A short wlk along the road leads to Cox's Cave incorporating the Crystal Quest. This is a much smaller cave and the formations are lit with coloured lights. The optional Crystal Quest is a Tolkien type story told with mannequin trolls and the like, which was maybe a little gruesome for our 4 year old but she coped with Mum and Dad nearby to reassure.


Cox's Cave near The Old MAlt House HOtel in Somerset
Jaob's Ladder Cheddar near The Old Malt House Hotel, Bath

The Crystal Quest exits at the bottom of Jacob's Ladder. A 274, (we made it anything from 235 to 275 depending who was counting) step climb to the top of the Gorge wall where a Look out tower provides views overthe surrounding countryside.

Cheddar from JAcobs ladder Tower


The Open-Top Bus Top Tour was great. Spectacular views and informed commentary made it one of our highlights. We took the bus from the car park back up past Gough's Cave, into the Gorge and back down to Gough's Cave.
Two Towers rock Cheddar GOrge near The OLd MAlt House Hotel
Cheddar near The Old Mlat House Hotel near Bath We finished our day by crossing the road from the bus stop at Gough's Cave and went in the Museum of Prehistory. The emphasis on cannibalism and the large gory skull disturbed Mum and Dad more than our 4 year old.
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